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TruLife Bird’s Nest is prepared with only the best grade of 100% authentic pure bird’s nest. It contains no artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring; retaining the nourishing benefits and natural goodness of our traditional best-tasting recipe.


  • Sale! TruLife Collagen Cell Renew

    Collagen Cell Renew 10’s x 50ml

    or 3 payments of $13.50 with
  • Sale! Premium Bird's Nest (Sugar Free) Gift Pack

    Premium Bird’s Nest (Sugar Free) Gift Pack 10’s x 70g

    or 3 payments of $18.60 with
  • Sale! Premium Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar Gift Pack

    Premium Bird’s Nest With Rock Sugar Gift Pack 10’s x 70g

    or 3 payments of $18.60 with





  • Sale! TruLife Premium Bird’s Nest Rock Sugar With Aloe Vera

    Premium Bird’s Nest Rock Sugar With Aloe Vera 6’s x 160g

    or 3 payments of $11.30 with
  • Sale! Efficien-C With Elderberry & Zinc 12’s

    Efficien-C With Elderberry & Zinc 12’s

    or 3 payments of $3.80 with
  • Sale! TruLife Digesti Pro Adults 30 Capsules

    Digesti·Pro Adults Probiotics 30’s

    or 3 payments of $10.64 with


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Phoenix Low, HerWorld

“TruLife is a fusion of TCM and modern technology. Packed in easy to drink bottles for different concerns such as weight loss and overall health, these supplements give you results in under 10 days.”

Terri Anne Tan, Cleo

“TruLife Collagen Manuka Max beats the rest in its comprehensive approach to health. It contains Cynatine, which is made from keratin to strengthen your skin’s outer layer, nails and hair; and collagen peptides that repair and plump up skin from within. Have one a day, and you’re well on your way to a healthier you, both inside and out.”

The Best 6 Fish Oils in Singapore,

TruLife’s Omega 3·Pro contains two times more EPA and DHA compared to other brands. It can also help you avoid intaking too much mercury from natural sources of Omega 3.

It comes in softgel form, perfect for easier consumption and faster absorption. You won’t experience any discomfort after taking this supplement.

Oktaviani Fenfen, @n3fn3f

“I take TruLife Bird’s Nest every night before I sleep.
Definitely because it’s 100% authentic bird’s nest with no preservatives and other nasty ingredients. I love how it strengthens my immune system also makes my skin glowing. You can see how active I am everyday; juggling with housework, taking care my special-needs boy, sending him to therapy sessions and school, with photoshoots and many collaboration. And I still manage to set aside time for cycling and exercise.”

Bryan Ong, @bryanongyy

“Quality health supplements are tough to come by, but you can be rest assured with TruLife, you’ll get the best of it. I’ve been taking various TruLife health supplements, including Omega 3·Pro, Flexi·Pro for my joints as I work-out often, and Digesti·Pro for maintaining a healthy gut. My wife is currently pregnant so she is taking TruLife Bird’s Nest while my daughter loves to add the Digesti·Pro Kids into her yogurt. I feel so blessed to be able to manage my family’s health with just TruLife’s products.”

Sabrina Sim, @sabbwie

“After taking TruLife Herbal System Detox, my digestion and overall gut health have improved! With that, I started to experience less mood swings which helped me a lot in clearing my acne from stress. Overall, highly recommended to those who feel sick in the gut due to working for long hours.”

Cathy Yeo, @foodilicious_diva

“I’ve been using TruLife products for more than a year now. TruLife uses only natural ingredients which is very important for me. Love all their supplements especially their Collagen Cell Renew and Bird’s Nest. They improve my skin’s moisture, firms it up and gives me a bright and radiant complexion as well. Thank you TruLife for your amazing products!”

Ride For Hope X TruLife

TruLife is proud to be a supporting partner in Ride For Hope, a cycling fundraiser held by National Arthritis Foundation (NAF) that aims to raise awareness of arthritis. Event Date: 20 September - 17 October 2021 Find out more:

TruLife Collagen Drinks: Which Is The Best Collagen For Me

At TruLife, we believe everyone is worthy of the highest care and absolute best ingredients. Thus each of TruLife’s collagen range is specially designed & formulated to help you achieve optimal results for your skin and body. Here is a breakdown of what TruLife’s Collagen Drinks have to offer, to help you choose the product that is best suited to your needs.

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Collagen Drinks: A Quick Q&A

How many of us actually know what’s so special about TruLife collagen drinks, what sets us apart and how to get the best results?

Here’s a quick Q&A to answer the most commonly asked questions.

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