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Yvonne Lim 林湘萍
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Contemporary Healthcare brand

With TruLife

Life is
Truly Good

TruLife envisions a world where people maximize what life has to offer. We believe that life is precious and everyone should give it the highest care it deserves. Only with good health can one enjoy what life has to offer.

TruLife is a contemporary healthcare brand which speaks to the health and lifestyle needs of today’s society. We empower the young adults stepping into the workforce, support the iron-willed mothers juggling a myriad amount of commitments and celebrate the mature and intrepid explorers enjoying life.

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Contemporary Healthcare brand

TruLife Collagen Manuka Max beats the rest in its comprehensive approach to health. It contains Cynatine, which is made from keratin to strengthen your skin’s outer layer, nails and hair; and collagen peptides that repair and plump up skin from within. Have one a day, and you’re well on your way to a healthier you, both inside and out.

Terri Anne Tan, Cleo

Collagen Cell Renew

TruLife Collagen Cell Renew, with 15,000 mg of pure Micro Marine Collagen Peptides, is a tasty functional drink which targets fine lines, locks in moisture and brightens complexion to leave you with suppler, firmer skin.

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Premium Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar

TruLife Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar is prepared with only the best grade of 100-percent authentic pure bird’s nest and rock sugar. It contains no artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring, retaining the nourishing benefits and natural goodness of our traditional best-tasting recipe.

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A fusion of TCM and modern technology, TruLife is the brainchild of Mr Dylan Hu, who comes from a family of TCM practitioners. Packed in easy to drink bottles for different concerns such as weight loss and overall health, these supplements give you results in under 10 days.

Phoenix Low, HerWorld

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TruLife’s sustainable organic farming techniques ensure that it is eco-friendly without compromising on the most stringent and hygienic production process at TruLife’s HAACP-certified facilities. Being environmental and eco friendly, Trulife has definitely got my support.

Cheryl Wee