Collagen Drinks: A Quick Q&A

We take pride in our Collagen Cell Renew, one of our best-selling HWB Award Winners products. But how many of us actually know what’s so special about TruLife collagen drinks (there are many alternatives in the market after all), what sets us apart and how to get the best results?

We have put together a quick Q&A to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Q1. Why should I take collagen supplements?

You may not know this but collagen is one of the major building blocks for your skin, bones, muscles, etc. It acts like a ‘glue’, holding these things together.

Over time, generally from the age of 25 onwards, our body starts to produce lesser collagen. As we age, our skin gets visibly less firm, supple and it loses its natural glow.

External factors such as:

  • Bad habits like smoking
  • High sugar diet
  • Excessive exposure to the sun
  • Sleeping late

can hurt your collagen production efficiency over time.

Taking collagen supplements containing Type 2 Micro Marine Collagen Peptides helps target aging cells in your skin, slowing down the aging process and firms up your skin.

And these are the myriad of benefits from consuming TruLife Collagen Cell Renewreverses age of skin through reducing wrinkles, tightening and plumping up of the skin, and improving skin elasticity.

Q2. What separates TruLife’s collagen drinks from any other collagen drink brands?

One, TruLife Collagen Cell Renew contains 15,000mg of Micro Marine Collagen Peptides, the highest dose available in the market.

Two, all of our collagen drinks do not contain: preservatives, artificial flavouring, added sugar. They are also non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) and gluten free!

Three, the collagen peptides in our Collagen Cell Renew are hydrolysed, which means they can be more easily absorbed by the body, ensuring optimal results for you and your skin’s health.

Four, our collagen peptides are sustainably sourced!

TruLife Collagen Cell Renew helps with sleep

Q3. When can I start seeing results?

Some of our customers have told us that they have started seeing results in just 10 days. Take note that individual results may vary.

Do also note that consistency is key here. Take your collagen regularly and your efforts will pay off! 

TruLife Collagen Manuka Max

Q4. How many types of collagen drinks do you have?

TruLife has two types of collagen drinks to select from. One being Collagen Cell Renew, which is our top-seller.

Another alternative is the Collagen Manuka Max that not many of our customers might know about. It is packed with 7,000mg of Micro Marine Collagen Peptides that have been clinically proven to help improve your skin’s structure and firmness. It is additionally and naturally sweetened with 100% pure and natural Manuka Honey, to give you a nutritional boost every day.

Apart from taking collagen supplements, you can also enrich your diet with collagen rich foods. Here are some suggestions:

  • Bone broth
  • Egg whites
  • Leafy greens
  • Fish
  • Beans

Start including collagen in your daily food intake and embark on a journey towards a healthier and younger looking skin!