FiNe Tea X TruLife

Singapore’s first Long Jing bubble tea, FiNe Tea! has teamed up with TruLife, a contemporary Singaporean health and wellness brand to come up with their own collagen infused bubble tea. Both being local brands, they find it even more necessary to #supportlocal and have done so by coming together to bring you a limited time collaboration of collagen jelly and 2 refreshing yet beautifying drinks!

Pearly Imperial Milk (M $6.90 / L $7.90) features a Long Jing Tea base together with Lychee, milk, and TruLife Collagen Pearl Activa Max milk, and TruLife Collagen Pearl Activa Max

Pearly Imperial Tea (M $6.90 / L $7.90) features a Long Jing Tea base together with Lychee and Lemon, as well as added TruLife Collagen Pearl Activa Max

Besides these refreshing drinks, Fine Tea also launched their first Collagen Jelly made from our very own Collagen Pearl Activa Max which you can add to any drinks from Fine Tea ($1.90 per topping) to boost your collagen intake for the day.

The Imperial Collagen Tea range are infused with Collagen Pearl Activa Max that contains pearl extract and a special blend of skin rejuvenating vitamins to nourish the skin, bringing brightening and whitening effects. It also contains 7,000mg of marine collagen which helps in repairing skin structure, ensuring a firmer and more supple skin.

With all that goodness in a drink, it is a must try for you beauty gurus and bubble tea lovers out there! Beautify yourself while enjoying your favourite bubble tea!

What some of our customers say!
Nestled in the corner is our very own Pearl Activa Max on display!

These drinks are only available till 4th January 2022 so head down to NTP+ at 151 Lorong Chuan, New Tech Park, Singapore 556741 or their delivery platform to try them now. Beautify yourself and prepare for the new 2022!