berry eyehealth

Protect eyes from blue light
Size: 10 x 50ml




TruLife Berry Eye Health is a concentrated dietary supplement drink developed specially for all your eye health needs. Based on a time-tested researched weighted formula, Berry Eye Health consists of vitamins and ingredients are beneficial to our eyes and contains ingredients such as Goji Berry Extract, Bilberry Extract and Chrysanthemum Extract. With extensive scientific studies done, TruLife Berry Eye Health is recommended for adults and children aged 2 and up.

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Q-1. What is TruLife Berry Eyehealth?

TruLife Berry EyeHealth is an eye supplement made from high concentrations of Bilberry and Wolfberry. These two powerful ingredients are renowned for their restorative properties which protect our eyes against free radical damage and nourish your eyes by giving them maximum nutrients. It also maintains the health of your eye cellular structure and protects your eyes against oxidative damage from harmful UV rays. Thus, relives eye fatigue to refresh dry and tired eyes and sharpens your focus.


Q-2. How often should I take it for?

Take one bottle nightly before bedtime. Shake well before consumption.