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[bundle of 2] trulife recovery sleep gummies 90’s

Say goodbye to sleepless nights with TruLife Recovery Sleep Gummies.

Pack Size: 2 x 90 chewables

Expiry Date: 30-Oct-2024


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Make every night a restful one and wake up feeling your best with TruLife Recovery Sleep Gummies.

TruLife Recovery Sleep Gummies are delicious, all-natural chewables designed to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed. It helps our body managing the blood pressure and cortisol levels.

Science-backed sleep support: With Melatonin and L-Theanine, these gummies gently promote healthy sleep cycles.
Immune system boost: Packed with Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium, they help keep your body’s natural defenses strong. ️
Delicious and convenient: No pills or capsules, just one to two tasty gummies before bed.

TruLife Recovery Sleep Gummies’ Benefits:
– Gluten-free
– Vegan
– Non-GMO

Pack Size: 2 x 90 Chewables


GMP Certified HACCP Certified TruLife - Made with Passion Tasty Singapore Award

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2 x 90 chewables

Storage Conditions

Keep container tightly sealed in a cool and dry place. Avoid heat and light.

Who should consider taking TruLife Sleep Recovery Gummies?

TruLife Sleep Recovery Gummies are recommended for individuals who have difficulty sleeping, suffer from insomnia, or tend to wake up easily.

Are TruLife Sleep Recovery Gummies suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, TruLife Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

How often can I consume TruLife Sleep Recovery Gummies?

The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 chewables, taken 30 minutes before bedtime.


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