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cny hamper – happiness & good fortune [with free trulife red packets]

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The Happiness & Good Fortune CNY Hamper comes with:

  • Premium Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar
  • Premium Bird’s Nest Sugar Free
  • Premium Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng & Rock Sugar
  • Premium Bird’s Nest Collagen Sugar Free
  • 1 x TruLife Red Packets

TruLife Bird’s Nest is prepared with only the best grade of 100-percent authentic pure bird’s nest. It contains no artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring, retaining the nourishing benefits and natural goodness of our traditional best-tasting recipe.

Technical Specs

Quantity: 24 bottles x 70g (6 bottles per box)

Dosage: 1 bottle nightly
Ingredients: 100% Premium Bird’s Nest, American Ginseng, Collagen, Xylitol Solution


What’s so special about TruLife’s bird’s nest?

  •  Sustainability:

Our suppliers use organic farming methods and our farms are located in undisturbed areas where
nature flourishes. Our stringent supplier approval processes and procedures ensure that our bird’s nest
farmers will only select nests for harvesting when Swiftlets have vacated from the nests. This allows the
next generation of Swiftlets to continue building their nests and thrive on the farm.

  •  Nothing artificial

We do not add artificial preservatives, flavoring or coloring. This retains the nourishing benefits and
natural goodness of our best-tasting and traditional recipe; presenting to you bird’s nest in its most
natural form.


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