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[free chopsticks set] trulife premium bird’s nest sugar free gift pack (each with 10 x 70g)

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Experience the TruLife Bird’s Nest Sugar-Free Gift Pack—an exquisite delicacy crafted from 100% pure bird’s nest with zero added sugar. Savor the natural goodness of bird’s nest while staying true to your dietary goals. Free from artificial additives. Made in Singapore, a true symbol of quality and authenticity.

Pack Size: 10 bottles x 70g


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About Products

Introducing the TruLife Premium Bird’s Nest Sugar Free Gift Pack, a luxurious delicacy designed to enhance your well-being. Here are the key features that make it exceptional:

100% Pure Bird’s Nest: Each strand of bird’s nest in this gift pack is carefully selected from the finest regions, ensuring unrivaled quality and taste. Experience the true essence of this exquisite ingredient.

0% Sugar Level: We understand the importance of a healthier lifestyle, which is why our Bird’s Nest Gift Pack contains no added sugars. Experience the delightful goodness of bird’s nest without compromising your dietary goals.

No Artificial Additives: We believe in the power of nature, which is why our formulation is free from artificial coloring, preservatives, and flavorings. Experience the authentic taste of bird’s nest, unadulterated by any additives.

Ingredients Integrity: Unlike some alternatives, our Bird’s Nest Gift Pack does not contain ingredient replacements like seaweed or fungus. Rest assured that you are consuming only the purest and most genuine bird’s nest.

Natural Texture: With every sip, you’ll delight in the natural texture of our bird’s nest.

Made in Singapore: Our gift pack is proudly made in Singapore, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence. Our meticulous manufacturing process ensures that you receive a product of unparalleled purity.

Delight in the TruLife Bird’s Nest Sugar-Free Gift Pack—crafted with 100% pure bird’s nest and absolutely no sugar added. Embrace the natural essence of bird’s nest without compromising your dietary choices. Carefully made in Singapore, offering you a taste of luxury and tradition.


*No replacement ingredients

TruLife only uses 100% pure genuine bird’s nest. We do not add replacement ingredients like seaweed and white fungus to our bird’s nest products.

GMP Certified HACCP Certified TruLife - Made with PassionTasty Singapore Award

Additional information


2.7 kg


25.2 × 5.9 × 27.8 cm

How often should I take it for?

Drink 1 bottle daily in the morning or nightly before bed.


10 bottles x 70g


100% Premium Bird’s Nest, Xylitol Solution

What’s so special about TruLife’s bird’s nest?

1) Sustainability:
Our suppliers use organic farming methods and our farms are located in undisturbed areas where nature flourishes. Our stringent supplier approval processes and procedures ensure that our bird’s nest farmers will only select nests for harvesting when Swiftlets have vacated from the nests. This allows the next generation of Swiftlets to continue building their nests and thrive on the farm.

2) Nothing artificial
We do not add artificial preservatives, flavoring or coloring. This retains the natural goodness of our best-tasting and traditional recipe; presenting to you bird’s nest in its most natural form.

6 reviews for [FREE CHOPSTICKS SET] TRULIFE Premium Bird’s Nest Sugar Free Gift Pack (Each with 10 x 70g)

  1. Eileen Yeo

    I always love this! It is very authentic! Every bottle has a lot of bird nest in it!

  2. Ms Sara

    It tastes good even though it has no sugar. First time trying this product due to cough and will buy again.

  3. Ong B.Y (verified owner)

    Love TruLIfe’s sugar free birds nest. Hope they are able to recycle the bottles and box to save the environment.

  4. Diane Yee (verified owner)

    Been drinking it every morning for past 2 years. Its sugar free so can drink it guilt free daily.

  5. Jing Jing B.

    repeat order for my grandma and mother. they can only drink 0% sugar. this is very good product.

  6. Jun En

    Recommended by my friend who has cancer. She drink it everyday. No preservatives, additives, seaweed or fungus. Just pure bird’s nest. very good SG product.

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