Trulife Premium Bird’s Nest With Collagen Sugar-Free 3x160g (冻龄燕窝)
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premium concentrated bird’s nest (sugar free) 160g

3 Reviews

Concentrated Thick Strands

Pack Size: 1 bottle x 160g


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About Products

TruLife Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest (Sugar Free) is a superior quality, completely natural food prepared with only the best grade of 100% authentic bird’s nest. Now with a richer texture and more generous ingredients, this product is sterilized and hygienically processed under high pressure and temperature in our HACCP-certified facilities in Singapore.

TruLife Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest (Sugar Free) contains no artificial flavouring or colouring, retaining the nourishing benefits and natural goodness of our traditional best-tasting recipe.

  • High Content of Premium Quality Bird’s Nest
  • 100% Pure & Genuine Bird’s Nest
  • Thick Bird’s Nest Strands For The Ultimate Bird’s Nest Lover
  • No Colouring, Preservatives, & Artificial Flavouring
  • Great Taste & Texture

A perfect gift for your grandparents or parents who has digestion issues or chronic cough. Bird’s nest is also good for those who are recovering from a long bout of illness as it strengthens your immune system and nourishes your body.

Our sugar free bird’s nest are certified healthier choice, suitable for elderlies and ladies who are conscious on their sugar intake.


Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest (Sugar Free) 160g


Benefits Of Bird’s Nest:

1. Maintain Good Health
A natural superfood rich in essential vitamins and nutrients to support overall well-being

2. Improve Immunity
High glycoprotein content and rich in essential nutrients which helps to boost a weak immune system

3. Improve Digestion
Helps to gently nourish and ease a weak digestion system

4. Enhance Beauty
Rich in Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), which helps with skin tissue repair as well as achieving a supple and clear skin

5. Nourishment During Pregnancy
Bird’s Nest contains an abundance of glycoprotein and amino acids which are beneficial for pregnant and/or breast-feeding mommies.


This Natural Superfood Is Suitable For:

  • Pregnant women or new mothers after childbirth
  • Children and growing teenagers
  • Elderly with poor digestion
  • Individuals suffering from fatigue or weak digestion
  • Individuals recovering from long bouts of illnesses
  • Individuals who would like to improve their complexion naturally
  • Individuals who are conscious on their sugar intake


*No replacement ingredients

TruLife only uses 100% pure genuine bird’s nest. We do not add replacement ingredients like seaweed and white fungus to our bird’s nest products.

GMP Certified HACCP Certified TruLife - Made with PassionHealthier Choice SingaporeTasty Singapore Award

Additional information


0.4 kg


6.7 × 7.2 × 12.4 cm

How often should I take it for?

1-3 tbsp every morning and night on an empty stomach.


1 bottle x 160g


High Quality Bird’s Nest, Xylitol Solution (Natural Sweetener)

What’s so special about TruLife’s bird’s nest?

1) Sustainability:
Our suppliers use organic farming methods and our farms are located in undisturbed areas where nature flourishes. Our stringent supplier approval processes and procedures ensure that our bird’s nest farmers will only select nests for harvesting when Swiftlets have vacated from the nests. This allows the next generation of Swiftlets to continue building their nests and thrive on the farm.

2) Nothing artificial
We do not add artificial preservatives, flavoring or coloring. This retains the nourishing benefits and natural goodness of our best-tasting and traditional recipe; presenting to you bird’s nest in its most natural form.

3 reviews for Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest (Sugar Free) 160g

  1. Yeo

    its very concentrated, i love how i can drink in a bottle

  2. Lim (verified owner)

    super GAO (concentrated). best brand in the market.

  3. Lydia Lee

    Very concentrated. always buy alot and put in fridge. love to create recipe using this.

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