Quality Control


We require our suppliers to adhere to standards promulgated by regulatory authorities. It is a fundamental expectation of our company that our suppliers conduct their business in an ethical manner and maintain their facilities and operations in a manner that complies with statutory regulatory requirements of organizations as applicable to suppliers. This includes having accreditations conferred from relevant authorities, quality control certifications. etc.


We carry out strict internal quality checks on the raw materials received from our reputable suppliers. At least one sample is randomly taken from every batch of incoming raw materials and tested for approval or rejection by our quality control staff. Retention samples of every product part are kept in an environmentally controlled room for traceability purposes. At least two preliminary visual inspection and weight measurement checks and one verification check is done at the first stage of production to ensure that these raw materials meet our standards and specifications.

We believe that our products’ quality and efficacies are integral to our company’s continued growth and customers’ trust and faith in our products: hence we place a high priority in quality assurance. Stringent quality control and standard operating procedures are implemented at each and every stage of our manufacturing process.

Our pharmaceutical factories are GMP certified by the Health Sciences Authority (“HSA”). Singapore. and HACCP certified by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority LAVA”). Singapore. The GMP program requires an independent audit of our facilities, procedures, training, sanitation and personnel. GMP requirements are regulatory requirements that provide guidelines for necessary processes. procedures and documentation to ensure the products produced have the identity composition, purity and potency as represented to possess.

TruLife prides itself on producing superior products with accordance to quality. Having a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification means we are audited regularly and have kept standards consistently. We are proud to carry the GMP label to prove our commitment to quality. And we are honored to be able to continuously produce superior products for all of our customers.

Having a hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certification shows our commitment in producing safe and quality products for you. This certification follows a systematic preventive approach to food safety. It is an international standard for control of food processing. Which means TruLife meets international standards in producing all of our products.