Stay cool this summer

Were you excited to munch on all the CNY snacks? We definitely were excited and have gobbled a lot of CNY goodies! And the majority of us would have started on those delectable goodies way before CNY actually starts. As a result, our bodies become very ‘heaty’. This culminates to having acne, cough, phlegm, sore throat etc, more easily.

Here’s some tips to keep cool this summer:

  1. Hydrate plenty

This is a no brainer. Drink plenty of water throughout the day so that water can remove the latent heat from your body.

2. Have a cup of tea to go with the snacks

Well, if you have leftover snacks, try this tip out! (That is if you didn’t finish them up during CNY like we did) Teas such as peppermint tea, green tea and oolong are some of the ‘cooling’ foods that helps combat ‘heatiness’ from those CNY goodies.

3. Green bean soup

Good news to those who love green bean soup dessert! This dish is known for it’s cooling properties and it is easy to prepare at home.

4. Aloe Vera Cube

Ever been sunburnt and someone advises you to apply aloe vera gel? Because it is cooling to the skin. And no surprise here that it’s flesh also helps reduce heatiness in your body.


Introducing TruLife Bird’s Nest Rock Sugar with Aloe Vera. You can have it any time of the day as a refresher or serve your friends to cool them down from the unforgiving sun. Not only is it good at reducing the surfeit from oily snacks, bird’s nest also helps aid digestion. Bird’s nest also have Epidermal Growth Factor which helps those worried about having pimples due to a heaty body.

Additionally, aloe vera is also known to help relieve constipation; one of the common issues when your body is too heaty. It can also enhance immunity as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substances.

Now you are equipped with the knowledge of staying cool this summer, go forth and conquer those leftover snacks!