The Importance of Nutri Grade

Nutri-Grade mission is to embark on a healthier journey and to vision on creating a smarter consumer. New grading system has launched and are intended for sale by retails in Singapore which has to comply with the grading requirement.to have better guidance on developing a better understanding consumption of glucose from a pre-packaged beverage contains.
In Singapore from December 30 2022, pre-packaged drinks with higher sugar and saturated fat content must be labelled with a Nutri-Grade mark in a scheme announced by the Health Ministry in 2019. The mark comprises 4 grades classifying drinks from A to D, with D being the unhealthiest.
Nutrigrade Bird Nest Singapore - Sugar Free
Therefore, Nutri grade beverages are intended to be a general guide which based on the most commonly found products which is currently in the marketplace, and to be minded that this is not an exhaustive list. The example list of considered as Nutri grade beverages products are such as juices, soft drinks, isotonic/ energy drinks, water aka aqua, Asian drinks like chrysanthemum or barley tea, last but not least dairy products.

Grading System

The new grading system has differentiated into 4 different colors which to code and alphabet graded from A to D labels which indicate the amount of consumption sugar and saturated fat from a product contains.

Grade A: 0% with no non-sugar substitutes
Grade B: 0% -4%, may contained permitted non-sugar sub
Grade C: 8%
Grade D: 12%

Trulife Certified as Healthier Option

The health benefits which made Trulife certified as a healthier option such as bird nest to act as the supplement food to beautify skin. The consumption of a good quality bird’s nest will help on the trouble-free digestibility and health rejuvenation. Just like our premium bird nest, Trulife has been using Xylitol as natural sweetener ingredients, which made with natural plants base with obtaining the function of stimulates the immune system efficiently. Also, consuming our premium concentrated bird’s nest can help on chronic cases of cough and asthma as our bird nest has prepared with only the best Grade B of 100% pure bird nest.
Nutrigrade Bird Nest Sugar Free - Grade B
Besides, Trulife bird’s nest sugar free with collagen has also awarded as grade B of their ingredients such as water(aqua), xylitol (Natural Sweetener), 100% Pure Bird's Nest, Micro Marine Collagen Peptides. This is why each of them are certified as a healthier option, suitable for elderlies and ladies who are conscious on their sugar intake.
Concentrated Bird Nest Sugar Free from Singapore
A healthy lifestyle should kickstart with what you consume. It is significant to be informed about what we had consume to our bodies.Trulife is always be ready and will always be prepared to provide more variants categories with complying healthier options which is certified by HPB, and listed in the health promotion board. wellcare products without compromise the taste. You may also shop your preferences wellness products with hassle free shopping experience with pay a visit on our e-store, www.trulife.com.sg. In the same time, Trulife Premium bird’s nest sugar free is now available at your nearest Guardian, FairPrice and Watsons store.  & e-commerce platforms such as Lazada & Shopee. Lets make a healthier choice, starts with Trulife.