TruLife is a contemporary healthcare brand which speaks to the health and lifestyle needs of today’s society. We empower the young adults stepping into the workforce, support the iron-willed mothers juggling a myriad amount of commitments and celebrate the mature and intrepid explorers enjoying life.

Every body is unique and worthy of the highest care; and we believe in a product that caters to the differing needs of every individual. Our products are designed with the backing of passionate individuals, in-depth research and innovative development. With the absolute best of natural, herbal and western ingredients, TruLife offers optimal targeted results.

We are driven to pursue a journey of being healthy, feeling amazing and doing the things we love. This mission has allowed us to discover the benefits of powerful ingredients and we are honored to share it with everyone through TruLife.



Envisioning a world where people maximize what life has to offer.

tru vision

At TruLife, we envision a world where people maximize what life has to offer. We believe that life is precious and we should always take care of our bodies to continue to enjoy life’s offerings. It is only through that, when “Life is Truly Good”.

We believe that everyone should take good care of themselves. Health is the greatest asset, because with health, we can fully enjoy life and deeply understand “Life is Truly Good.”

We make decisions knowing what our values are.

tru values

TruLife is a contemporary health-care brand which aims to answer the health and lifestyle needs of today’s society.

Our Products are developed for you with the following principals: powerful active ingredients, rapid absorption and targeted results.

  • Use materials with excellent efficacy
  • Can be easily absorbed by the body
  • Significant effect
At TruLife, we believe in the brilliance of individuals.

tru team

At TruLife, we believe in the brilliance of individuals. Our global team ensures the products brought to you upholds the TruValues promise.

Our qualified personnel work closely to ensure only the best reaches our customers.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our suppliers use organic farming methods and our farms are located in Malaysia, Sarawak, undisturbed; where nature flourishes. This ensures that our Swiftlets maintain a healthy and pollutant-free diet.
TruLife cares about the environment. That is why our suppliers only harvest vacated nests quarterly. Roughly 40% of bird’s nests are collected (leaving 60%), allowing the next generation of Swiftlets to continue building their nests and thrive on the farm.

By farming responsibly, we can safeguard their survival and ensure what we present to you is of the best quality.