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TruLife x Toddley Thoughts

Written By TruLife

July 20, 2020

Donning matching outfits as a family or as a couple has always been a trend on social media. It does make for cute IG posts and promotes family bonding – this is exactly what our collab partner for this week, Toddley Thoughts, aims to bring about.

As a homegrown brand, Toddley Thoughts has 9 years of experience and is one of the pioneers in creating personalised baby and family outfits in Singapore. Constantly updating their concepts and designs which match the season, you are sure to find something that complement’s your child’s unique personality.

Never to miss a theme, Toddley Thoughts also came on top of the biggest fad of 2019 – Bubble Tea, that has travelled all the way from Taiwan to Singapore. Riding on the wave of Bubble Tea obsession, Toddley thoughts created its innovative and fun Milk-TEE collection.

Enliven your wardrobe with innovative ideas for family wear from Toddley Thoughts today!

Toddley Thoughts specialises in creating unique personalized family t-shirts, baby rompers/onesies that are perfect for first birthday, parties, photo shoots, everyday wear and more! Their products are memorable gifts and timeless baby keepsakes because they are personalized specifically for your child. Each product is crafted by a professional team of designers.

If you’d like to get your hands on some of their goodies, head on over to our IG and check out our latest giveaway!

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