Why TruLife Bird’s Nest?

Food for thought: How many of us actually bother to read the ingredients label before buying a product? Are we fully aware of every thing that we’re taking in and where they come from?

It is usually hard to know what happens behind the scenes of the products we consume but we should be doing our research to find out, especially if we’re buying something as a gift to our loved ones. In this post, through sharing some of the processes behind the production of our bottled Premium Bird’s Nest, we are here to assure you that TruLife’s products are managed with 100% care.


Let’s kick start with our commitment to preserving the environment! How do we ensure the swiftlets’ survival for generations to come?

• The farms are located in Malaysia Sarawak, undisturbed; where nature flourishes. Being away from the hustle and bustle, they can maintain a healthy and pollutant-free diet.

• We constantly do checks on our suppliers’ farms -ensuring that they are working responsibly. They can only harvest vacated nests quarterly. Roughly only 40% of the nests are collected, leaving 60% of nests; allowing the next generation of swiftlets to thrive.

• We also employ the community near the farms so the swiftlets are well taken care of.

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TruLife is a 100% Singaporean brand that manufactures and produce bird’s nest locally. Bonus point: We handle everything ourselves, from collecting the bird’s nest, processing it to cooking, bottling and packing.

Our pharmaceutical factories are GMP certified by the Health Sciences Authority (HAS) Singapore. We are also HACCP certified by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (LAVA) Singapore.

The Goods Manufacturing program (GMP) requires an independent audit of our facilities, procedures, training, sanitation and personnel. GMP requirements are regulatory requirements that provide guidelines for necessary processes, procedures and documentation to ensure the products produced have the identity composition, purity and potency as represented to possess.

Being GMO certified means we adhere to strict regulations and audit to produce high quality products! And we are happy to continuously produce superior products for all of our customers.